Case Studies

Our fields of application are as varied and individual as their users

USE-Ing. Case Studies

Development of
Medical Technology
for and with people

USE-Ing. Case Study Medizintechnik

In compliance with the strictest regulatory requirements, such as IEC 62366-1 and FDA-2011-D-0469, we support pioneers in the medical technology industry by developing for and with the following users in a human-centered and barrier-free manner:

  • Doctors and surgeons
  • Surgical and nursing staff
  • Medical technicians
  • Cleaning staff
  • Healthcare device management
  • Patients

You are facing challenges in the development or evaluation of medical devices or cross-system information systems? Feel free to contact us.
We are here for you.

Development of
Aerospace Technology
for and with people

USE-Ing. Case Study Luftfahrt

Both the design of the cockpit and the passenger area require a consistent human-centered approach to the ergonomic development of all components that come into contact with humans. Here, we develop for and with the following users:

  • Pilots
  • Cabin crew
  • Ground personnel
  • Technical personnel
  • Passengers

For us, the analysis, design, and evaluation of human-aviation technology interaction are part of our daily routine. Do you need a reliable partner to optimize your interfaces in airplanes and helicopters or to create a holistic user experience for all stakeholders?
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Development of
Mobile Machines
for and with people

USE-Ing. Case Study Medizintechnik

Operators of mobile machines form a well-coordinated team with their equipment and immediately notice when something is wrong with the operation. Therefore, we conduct human-centered development for the following users:

  • Farmers
  • Crane operators
  • Excavator operators
  • Technical personnel
  • Truck drivers

Do you want to improve the usability of your mobile machines to gain a competitive advantage and provide your operators with more efficient, effective, and enjoyable work?
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Development of
for and with people

USE-Ing. Case Study Luftfahrt

The demographic change and the use of technology in various age groups pose not only challenges for developers, but especially for the affected users. That is why we consider it our responsibility to develop in a user-centered way for the following users:

  • Seniors
  • Physically and mentally impaired individuals
  • Companions and caregivers
  • Family members
  • Management of care facilities

Are you facing the challenge of optimizing your products for the needs of the 50+ target group?
We are here to assist you and provide information about possible methods.

Development of
for and with people

USE-Ing. Case Study Medizintechnik

In the age of digitalization and Industry 4.0, many new possibilities for interaction between humans and machine tools arise. The networking of machines results in new user needs regarding user experience and ergonomics. These need to be considered when designing work processes. Therefore, we conduct human-centered development for the following users:

  • Machine operators and setters
  • Craftsmen
  • Construction workers
  • Foresters
  • Cleaning professionals
  • Shift supervisors

Do you want to develop and design innovative interfaces or enable more efficient and effective machine operation?
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Development of
Mobile & Web Applications
for and with people

USE-Ing. Case Study App & Mobile Applikationen

Digital applications now permeate almost all areas of the value chain. We embrace the challenge of responsibly and human-centeredly handling the freedoms of such applications. Above all, the following users are our focus:

  • IT personnel
  • Customers & buyers
  • Office workers
  • IT specialists
  • Salespeople
  • Management & organization

Are you faced with the challenge of analyzing, designing, or evaluating intuitive user interfaces for your users? We are happy to support you with our expertise.
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Insights into our projects

BOWA - Arc Generator System

Intuitive HF-Generator HMI through Usability Engineering

How we conducted state of the art Usability Engineering in Electrosurgery.

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Summative User Interface Evaluation Medical Device

User-Centered development of an Exorobot for fatigue-free Operations

How we progressed from early user interviews to the actual operating room.

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User Interface via GO

Usability Tests of the Push Assist via GO

Innovative yet safe & user-friendly – User-centered mobility technology for physically disabled people

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OrthoPilot Aesculap

Usability Evaluation of the Orthopedic Navigation System OrthoPilot®Elite

How we validate the usability of medical computer-based navigation systems used in surgical orthopaedics.

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iMRI Usability - USE-Ing.

Workflow Evaluation and Interface Design IMRI Solutions – Research Project

Research - that we extends into clinical practice

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Notrufsystem Senioren UX

empenda – The User-Centered Emergency Call System

An emergency call system that makes you feel safe and simultaneously stylish

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Smarter Griff - Mechanik

aha – Adaptive Handle

A handle that fits everyone

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