Usability Tests of the Push Assist via GO

Innovative yet safe & user-friendly – User-centered mobility technology for physically disabled people

USE-Ing. conducted formative and summative User Interface evaluations as well as documentation in accordance with IEC 62366-1 on behalf of Alber GmbH for the certification of an electrified push assist. The push assist via GO | Alber GmbH is an auxiliary drive that can be retrofitted to a manual wheelchair. Alber GmbH stands for state-of-the-art technology and user-centered innovations in the mobility of physically disabled people. How do you validate the safe operation of a medical mobility product?

The path to the final usability test

The importance of development-accompanying evaluations quickly became apparent. Already in the first formative usability test with early prototypes of the push assist, the USE-Ing. experts identified usage difficulties and derived optimization potentials for the further development of the push assist. Based on these insights, the engineers at Alber GmbH specifically optimized the operating concept of the via GO.

In the context of the development-concluding evaluation, USE-Ing. validated the product-specific usage requirements of the push assist, thus completing the User Requirements Engineering. The summative Usability Test with representative users focused on the safe and effective operation through the Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) of the via GO. Based on previously identified usage risks and requirements, our Usability Engineers conducted the test planning. The Test Cases (Critical Tasks) for such mobility aids primarily focused on device usage while driving on sloping or obstacle-rich terrain.

Workshop - Usability Evaluation Test Plan Vorbereitung
Overview of services user evaluation

Ensuring the necessary usability quality of technical products

To simulate the representative usage environment of a mobile push assist like the via GO, it was necessary to leave the classic usability lab, incorporating courses in parking garages and outdoor areas. Guided by experienced moderators and the logging by attentive transcript writers, the representative users recruited by USE-Ing., such as seniors and nursing staff, were able to safely complete the summative Test Cases. Not only were key requirements, such as the operation or foldability of the wheelchair with the via GO, tested for their usability, but the instruction for use of this medical product was also reviewed.

Summative Usability Evaluation via GO
Overview of services user evaluation

From the lab to daily life

Key results of each test session were documented through our multimedia concept of digital protocol tools, photo, and video recordings. This material serves as a basis in this final step of development to assess the described test series for possible usage risks and discuss them with the project team as part of a Root Cause Analysis. The final documentation in the form of our Summative Evaluation Reports completes the regulatory Usability Engineering File of the via Go. Thus, it was proven that the jointly developed via GO meets the quality standards regarding safety and effectiveness for these special user groups in everyday operation.

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Usability Evaluation via GO
Overview of services user evaluation