empenda – The User-Centered Emergency Call System

An emergency call system that makes you feel safe and simultaneously stylish

empenda is a non-stigmatizing emergency call system for seniors in the form of intelligent jewelry. USE-Ing. implemented a human-centered design process for the university startup, which included the analysis, design, and evaluation of the entire system.

Human-centered design of a mobile emergency call system in the form of intelligent jewelry including emergency call

The empenda system is an emergency call wearable designed as a piece of intelligent jewelry to prevent stigmatization of the wearer. To achieve this, we were commissioned to enable this goal through a human-centered design process. The development focuses were on analyzing the customer group, their needs and desires, the functional requirements of modern emergency call wearables, as well as the design and evaluation of the entire system.

User Research
Overview of services expert analysis

Product design & interaction

Both the product design of the intelligent emergency call jewelry and the design of the user interface of the associated emergency call app were derived through methods of User Research and through the development-accompanying integration of potential end-users. The activities of USE-Ing. included the identification and recruitment of relevant seniors and relatives as well as the prototypical implementation of the hardware and software-side human-machine interfaces.

Overview of services ideas & concept

Functional prototype

A fully functional interaction prototype was implemented using the Arduino electronics platform, and the casing of the intelligent jewelry amulet was realized through 3D printing and metal casting. This allowed the interaction between the system and a group of seniors and relatives to be evaluated at an early stage of product development.

Prototyping - Ergonomie
Overview of services HMI design