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Research - that we extends into clinical practice

How can processes in image-guided diagnostics and treatment of tumors be simplified to reduce the strain on both patients and medical personnel? Answering this question is the goal of a project at the STIMULATE research campus, in which USE-Ing. is involved. Through collaboration with internationally renowned research institutions and innovative practice partners, the project aims to understand usage processes in image-guided diagnostics and therapy and to develop solutions.

Human-centered design of an MRI-operating room for image-guided minimally invasive diagnosis & therapy

The project aims to comprehend the context of use and workflow processes in minimally invasive diagnostics and therapy through magnetic resonance imaging guidance, while also developing user-centered solutions. USE-Ing is devising a method to capture and analyze these contexts of use multimodally.

iMRI Usability - USE-Ing.
Overview of services expert analysis

Experimental operating room and prototypes of the human-machine interface

Based on the analysis of the usage processes, USE-Ing., in collaboration with partners including the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg and the Hannover Medical School, is developing the concept for an experimental operating room. In this setting, it will be possible to create prototypes for human-machine interfaces of interventional magnetic resonance tomographs (iMRT) and test them for their usability.

VR - USE-Ing.
Overview of services HMI design

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Research Campus STIMULATE, Subproject: Workflow Evaluation and Interface Design iMRI Solutions, Funding Code: 13GW0473D