”Human-centered design perfected in the USE-Ing. design process“

USE-Ing. Designprozess

Expert analysis

A methodically correct analysis is the foundation of every new development. Central aspects are the identification of relevant use scenarios and, based on this, an evaluation by experts in various fields.

”Successful analyses require
a custom-made concept“

USE-Ing. modules

  • Eye- & Motion Tracking

    The solution often is found in the details. What is the first thing that catches the user's eye? With suitable sensor technology, we bring the hidden to the surface.

  • Ergonomic analyses

    With the aid of our analysis tools, interfaces can be assessed efficiently and effectively in order to clearly evaluate current design states.

  • Use Related Risk Assessment

    Through analytical examination of the context of use, we identify potential risks & hazards and point out possible solutions.

  • Workflowanalysis

    Whether simple actuations or complex interaction operations, by looking at the communication between interface and user, hidden potentials in design quickly become visible. At the same time, a workflow provides information for its optimization.

  • User Research

    Only when we can fully empathize with the user can we recognize his actual needs and motivation. With our methods, we help you to make these as tangible as possible.

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Ideas & Concepts

From specific requirements to innovative operating concepts. This is where the spark jumps over. A clear picture can only be created through intensive cooperation with the users.
This is visualized by our creative designers and developed into a common understanding.

”Through the use of appropriate methods
the spark jumps over“

USE-Ing. modules

  • Design thinking & Innovation

    Our systematic approach to complex problems enables us to generate individual ideas with innovation potential within our Design Thinking method.

  • Graphic & Interface design

    The meaningful inclusion of all general conditions for the user and the product makes it necessary to design individual user interfaces. Thinking interfaces anew every day - that is what characterizes us.

  • Style guides

    Whether starting from a single product or a whole range, only clear and meaningful user interface style guides can show the creative freedom across products and at the same time, strengthen the identity and recognition of your company.

  • Interaction design

    User experiences are created by the big picture as well as the small picture. In both cases, a well thought-out and elegant interaction design serves to make this interface as optimal as possible.

  • 3D cad & Clay Modelling

    Not every interface is digital - through our modelling tools we create custom-made physical interfaces to enable the potential of adaptivity to the user and the situation in physical form.

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Interfaces & Prototyps

Whether engineering or design, presenting a concept with quality and aesthetics in the best possible way is a craft. To master this, our professionals go through a long school.

”The design stands for the sensualization
of a concrete idea“

USE-Ing. modules

  • Low & High fidelity Prototyps

    Every idea and every concept is to be made experienceable in the user-centered development process. You cannot start early enough. Especially low-fidelity prototypes provide early information about the essential strengths and weaknesses of a concept. In order to create a realistic experience, we bring this to a high gloss in the form of high-fidelity prototypes, both visually and functionally.

  • Wireframes & Mockups

    The operation of a product often consists of several interaction steps. These user flows become visible in the wireframes of the interface to optimize relevant aspects of the interaction.

  • 3D Printing

    Physical prototypes as well as digital ones require several iterative optimizations. In order to make this process of design as efficient as possible, fast but also high-quality 3D printing is used.

  • Component selection

    The implementation of specific prototypes requires a suitable selection of the necessary technical components. Based on the interface requirements, we select suitable components and combine them into an overall concept.

  • Apps

    Digital prototypes are often not only intended for a specific display. Through responsive design, we optimize these applications for all use scenarios.

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User evaluation

Iteratively testing the different stages of the interface prototypes with the users is our daily business.
Depending on the specific question, early concepts and interaction variants have to be tested quickly or entire usability tests have to be built up and conducted by means of targeted acquisition and support of future users.

”Testing products and functions in different phases of development directly with the user is one of our core issues“

USE-Ing. modules

  • Usability testing

    A well thought-out usability test is required to check the functional efficiency and effectiveness as well as possible risk factors that have arisen during the development process. The usability of a product is made measurable through professional planning and moderation.

  • Observation & Surveys

    To be able to observe the user in his interaction environment as uninfluenced as possible allows deep insights into the entire context of use. These can be combined with the user's point of view through targeted questioning to gain insights for further development.

  • Acceptance tests

    In order to ensure that a complex development does not bypass the user, it is necessary to record their opinions on how to deal with certain interaction concepts or ideas. This is to be seen as the basis of a user-centered development process.

  • User acquisition

    In order to optimize the products specifically for their target application, it is therefore necessary to involve the later users as early as possible in the usability engineering process in the form of usability tests and surveys. We also take care of the acquisition of suitable users.

  • User panel

    We fall back on our large pool of test persons, which we continuously expand and maintain. We are supported by experts from the most important product areas.

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