aha – Adaptive Handle

A handle that fits everyone and in all situations

How do you develop a handle that offers maximum comfort for every operator, regardless of their hand size and shape? To address this question, USE-Ing. supported the Institute of Construction Technology and Technical Design at the University of Stuttgart in the research project “aha – the adaptive handle” through ergonomic 3D modeling and 3D printing prototypes.

Universal design of an adaptive, shape-changing handle

The project aimed to develop shape-changing handles that use sensors to detect the shape and size of the current operator’s hand and based on this data, perform a micro-actuator adjustment of the grip length and shape.

This allows the interface (handle) to adapt situationally to both the user and the operating situation.

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3D printing and prototypes

USE-Ing. contributed its expertise by dealing with various user groups and their needs in the form of a suitable universal design. This enabled a methodical design of the physical human-machine interface. We also supported our partner in making the concepts tangible through ergonomic 3D modeling and 3D printing prototypes, allowing for their evaluation.

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