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Conduct your individual user tests under the most professional conditions

Our Usability Laboratory


The USE-Ing. Usability and User Experience Laboratory allows you to perform detailed analysis and evaluation of the usability of your products under controlled environmental conditions. The Laboratory consists of a three room setup:

  • Reception Room, where test participants can be welcomed and initially briefed
  • Observation Room, where actions can be observed directly through a one-way mirror or via video stream
  • large Testing Room, where various user interactions can be simulated with representative test participants
  • This allows development engineers, product managers, or designers to actively observe the user tests without disturbing the participants during the testing process.

    The laboratory is suitable for both user research and innovation sessions, as well as for classical formative and summative usability evaluation of physical and digital products.


    The equipment of the laboratory corresponds to the current state of research.

    Basic equipment:

    • Recording, streaming & video editing with Desktop PC
    • Laboratory furniture: flexible table configurations, chair arrangements
    • Multi view, high-resolution video & audio by remote controled cameras & microphone systems
    • Lighting system: spotlights & dimming options to simulate various lighting conditions, including direct sunlight
    • Ambient noise system: speaker systems to simulate various noise, from machinery and street noise to acoustic influences in operating rooms & airplane cabin noise

    Additional equipment options:

    • Various devices for testing user interfaces: e.g. Desktop Screen X", Laptop Screen X", Apple iPad X, Apple iPhone X, LG
    • Eye tracking systems for automatic recording of eye movements or derivation of heat maps
    • Motion tracking systems for ergonomic body and motion analysis

    Test your products with representative users under simulated-controlled real conditions.

    Rent the UX / Usability Laboratory

    If you want to test a specific use scenario and have the know-how, but lack the laboratory facilities, no problem. You can book our laboratory for your own usability tests or user research sessions.

    If needed, we are happy to support you with our expertise in planning and conducting your test and provide you with one of our usability engineers. If you wish, we can also recruit representative users for your test and schedule your sessions in Stuttgart.

    You have access to equipment and facilities. Simply contact us.

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