Comfort Analyses using Pressure Mapping

Optimizing grip ergonomics is not merely a matter of feel

By identifying and localizing pressure distribution, USE-Ing. enables the objectification of ergonomic grip qualities and targeted, design-technical product optimization.

Optimization of hand-operated tools

The ergonomic design of hand-held tools is significantly achieved through comfortable, low-stress, and intuitive handling. Manufacturers face the fundamental challenge of translating qualitative user sensations into technically quantifiable and specifiable design requirements and validating them accordingly. Our experts offer hand tool developers an efficient method with the Pressure Mapping approach to visualize problematic hand pressure points during interaction with the device, so that targeted design optimizations of the human-product interfaces (e.g., handles) can be derived.

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Micro Ergonomic Handool Assessment
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Visualization of discomfort zones as a basis for ergonomic design

The highly efficient technique of visualizing discomfort zones enables the validation of an ergonomic design. The direct comparison with predecessor or competitor products also realizes the scientific substantiation of marketing claims. The color division into high, medium, and low pressure zones ensures easy understandability. Quantitative results of the pressure distribution clearly provide comparable metrics for interface comfort.

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Hand Pressure Mapping
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