Body Capture for Real-Time Product Ergonomics Analysis

Ergonomic analyses grounded in work science ensure objective product decisions

USE-Ing. enables manufacturers to objectively identify and substantiate ergonomic potentials in user-centered product development by capturing and visualizing physical work strain. This is carried out in immediate or simulated work environments using biomechanical measurement systems for Body and Motion Capture.

Workflow analyses to identify individual user behavior

In ergonomic product development, the focus of analysis is on identifying common types of strain (caused by specific application forces) and workflows. Additionally, associated forced postures and repetitions of work tasks can be recognized. The interface quality of the analyzed products or device concepts can be attributed both to the overall emerging strain and to the specific strain on individual body regions. The assessment of the recorded situations is based on current, work-scientific, and biomechanical criteria according to DIN / ISO.

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Workflowanalyse zur Identifikation des individuellen Nutzungsverhaltens einer Person beim Einladen eines Rollstuhls in ein Auto
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Concept evaluation through objectively comparable analyses

Motion Capture technology allows developers to visualize adopted working postures and workflows. The device operation is displayed absolutely synchronously to real video recordings. In our Body Capture Lab, significant product improvements can be demonstrated both within an objective product ergonomics benchmark and during a prototype evaluation. The technology not only enables the detection of health risks but also allows revealing and objectively capturing HMI optimizations. Especially in a concept comparison, the effectiveness of design variants can be transparently assessed and used as a solid basis for decision-making within product development.

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Motion-Tracking Darstellung mit Kameraaufnahme einer Person und erfasster ergonomischer Metrik
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