Usability Testing Lab

Conducting usability tests helps you understand the interaction between user and product

The multifunctional Usability Testing Lab enables both formative and summative usability tests with medical professionals for any type of medical technology. Whether it’s software-based applications or hardware-based devices, the lab’s equipment allows for comprehensive trials and usability studies for user-based evaluation.

High immersion through context of use simulations

The simulation of medical technology context of use ensures the fulfillment of regulatory requirements for workflow realism and identifies valuable optimization potentials for human-machine interaction. Our facilities enable true-to-life replication of use environments in hospitals, operating rooms, laboratories, and home care settings to conduct medical usability tests, interviews, technology acceptance, and market research activities.

usability test with medical professionals
Overview of services user evaluation

Every detail captured thanks to multiple camera angles

The use of multiple, freely positionable and controlable camera positions ensures that no detail of the usability study escapes our experts.

Usability Lab Ceiling Cam
Overview of services user evaluation

Discreet documentation from the observation room

Through a mirror-glass separated observation room, our experts are able to capture all details of the medical technology workflow and document them extensively.

Medical Usability Tests
Overview of services user evaluation