Future UX & Workflow Lab

Innovative medical products require innovative development methods

With the Future UX & Workflow Lab, USE-Ing. facilitates human-centered innovation in the early phases of medical product development and explores the future of Human Factors & Usability Engineering.

Workflow studies in mixed-reality simulations

How do the various actors interact in the operating room? How can the existing workflows be optimized? How do new applications change work processes? Our experts analyze medical workflows using modern UX methods and identify optimization potentials. In Mixed and Virtual Reality scenarios, valuable insights can be gained in the early stages of medical product development to make medical technology applications more effective and user-centered.

VR - USE-Ing.
Overview of services expert analysis

User-centered innovations through design thinking workshops

How do you bridge the gap between medical users and medical technology developers? Through collaborative UX methods and Design Thinking workshops, our experts enable you to make the medical expertise of your users tangible and usable for technical product development.

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Seeing through the eyes of medical professionals using eye-tracking

Which components of the User Interface are perceived during a procedure? Where is the attention of medical professionals focused? By using modern measurement tools, such as mobile eye tracking systems, our experts can identify problems in the workflow and address them.

Eye Tracking Analysis
Overview of services expert analysis