Anatomical Usability Operating Room

The development of certain medical products requires usability studies on cadavers

The usability study of certain medical products requires a higher degree of realism in the context of use to make informed statements. In cooperation with the University Hospital Tübingen, USE-Ing. offers the possibility of conducting user interface and usability evaluations within the framework of cadaver workshops.

Usability tests and ergonomic studies on cadavers

Usability evaluations using cadavers are essential in the development of certain medical products. Specific ergonomic studies demand a higher level of realism in the context of use, surpassing what can be achieved through simulations in basic usability laboratories. This is particularly true for medical products and instruments in the fields of orthopedics, trauma surgery, and neurosurgery.

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Fully equipped anatomical laboratory

The fully equipped operating room enables the simulation of all anatomical procedures, such as cervical implant placements, biopsies, or bone marrow punctures. Our usability experts plan with you individually the procedure to be simulated and organize individually prepared topographical units from body donors, organs, or tissues.

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Conducting anatomical usability evaluations

The execution of procedures on human cadavers is only permissible by medical professionals. Our team supports you in this process from recruiting knowledgeable physicians and surgeons to conducting the tests. We document the findings in a goal-oriented manner, enabling both the regulatory necessary usability file and the derivation of optimization potentials in product development.

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