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USE-Ing. (spoken like the English word for "use") stands for usability engineers and at the same time expresses that our focus is always on representative users and their interaction with various technical products in the respective context of use. The scientific background of the USE-Ing. GmbH makes it possible to transfer the latest findings of human-machine interaction research into industrial practice. USE-Ing. was founded in 2017 as a spin-off of the research and teaching area "Technical Design" of the University of Stuttgart and was founded in response to the high industrial demand for the integration of representative users into the product development process. Today, USE-Ing. successfully supports companies in the medical technology, aeronautical engineering, software engineering, mechanical engineering, mobile machinery and geronto-technology sectors in the human-centered technology development of interactive systems.


Dr. Benedikt Janny

Managing Director - Head of User Research & Usability Engineering

Benedikt Janny, who holds a doctorate in engineering, heads the "Usability Engineering", "User Research" and "Accessibility" departments at USE-Ing. In his doctorate, he was mainly concerned with human-centered technology development with a focus on applications in age-appropriate and medical technology and supervised the Master's degree in Medical Technology at the Universities of Stuttgart and Tübingen as course manager.

He is active in the working groups Medical Technology, Accessibility and User Research of the Berufsverbands deutscher Usability und User Experience Professionals - the German UPA e. V. He is also involved as a technical expert in the standards committee 811.4 (ergonomics in IEC/ISO 62366, usability, user instructions) and is an active member and part of the jury of the ergonomics award in the Ergonomics Competence Network ecn e. V.

Dr. Janny is a certified expert for usability and user experience of the UXQB (International Usability and User Experience Qualification Board e. V.) and holds several patents of innovative human-machine interfaces. He also participates in scientific and industrial research by regularly publishing research results in national and international journals and congresses.

AAs a lecturer of the seminar "Usability Engineering in Medical Technology" together with Prof. Pfeffer as well as the seminar "Technical Design for Inclusion and Accessibility" Dr. Janny trains product developers in the USE-Ing. Academy in the handling and application of human-centered techniques and methods.

Do you need support in human-centric technology development?

He has the best method for every problem in order to find a human-centered solution.

Marcus Jenke (M.Sc.)

Managing Director - Head of Interface Design & Prototyping

Marcus Jenke is responsible for the design of physical and digital interfaces at USE-Ing. GmbH as head of the departments "Interface Design", "User Experience Design" and "Prototyping". In his scientific career, he has been involved in research into the use of innovative operating technologies, such as gaze control and its responsible adaptation to the products context of use.

AAs an active member of the Berufsverband der Deutschen Industrie Designer e.V, he is in direct contact with the product design scene. In addition, he is an expert in the DIN Standards Committee for Ergonomics (NAErg) - NA 023-00-04-05 GAK, User Interfaces. In this context, he is involved in the content of the ISO 9241 family of standards (ergonomics of human-system interaction).

His focus is on the development and specific design of interactive interface prototypes as well as the analysis of existing systems through expert usability inspections and user-based usability studies.

Due to his academic background, he holds several patents of innovative human-machine interfaces and also supports partners in research and industry. He publishes and discusses research results in national and international journals and congresses.

As a lecturer of the seminar "Technical Interface Design" Mr. Jenke trains product developers in the user-centered design of technical digital interfaces within the USE-Ing. Academy.

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Dr. Julia Moritz

User Researcher

Dr. Julia Moritz, who holds a doctorate in psychology, is a user researcher at USE-Ing. GmbH, Julia Moritz is responsible for all topics concerning test person studies, usability evaluations and user integration into the product development process.

Her focus is on the planning and conception of study contents and procedures, the acquisition of representative test participants and the execution of the studies. Besides formative and summative usability evaluations, the integration of users into the design process is a typical use case.

In her scientific research she investigated how the use of interactive operating functions makes it possible, to present spatial information according to the situation and needs. It continues to participate in scientific and industrial research through regular publication of research results in national and international journals and congresses.

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She brings your target groups on board and supervises the implementation of the study for you.

Stephan Mayer (M.Sc.)

Usability Engineer

Stephan Mayer is a usability engineer at USE-Ing. GmbH, responsible for product development and human-machine interaction.

With his master's degree in engineering and his strong specialization in HMI design and usability engineering, he brings deep understanding and enthusiasm to human-centered product development. His roots as a trained technology manager help him to keep an eye on the field of tension of a holistic product development.

From the implementation of ergonomic workstations in production, to the close-knit design of human-robot collaboration, to the fine design of hand grips on hand-held machines, he has already contributed and demonstrated his experience in a wide variety of fields.

He invests his creativity in innovative ideas and likes to think outside the box.

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He follows this path with you until the successful product launch.

Santiago Pecha (M.Sc.)

User Interface Designer

At USE-Ing. GmbH, user interface designer Santiago Pecha is responsible for the design of human-machine interfaces.

In doing so, he draws on his expertise in both industrial design and interaction design, which he has honed through his international studies and numerous successful projects.

The development of user-centered, innovative concepts thus flows through his capable hands to fully mature the usability and user experience of physical and digital interfaces.

He understands the complexity of product design, which, in addition to pure ergonomics and usability, brings the product and the associated operating concept closer to the user through adequate emotionality. At an early stage in the development process, he attaches importance to the sensible degree of interface prototype fidelity and to making it possible to experience the product through the necessary design dimensions of form, color, materials and surfaces.

He uses the skills required for this for the benefit of optimal user-centered product development.

You want a tangible interaction concept through low or high fidelity prototypes?

He creates HMI solutions for you, which will inspire your customers and users.

Prof. Stefan Pfeffer

Usability Engineer

As a freelancer of the USE-Ing. GmbH, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Pfeffer, who holds a doctorate in engineering, supports the company as a consultant in the fields of "Usability Engineering", "Usability Testing" and "User Requirements Engineering of medical devices".

Before his appointment as professor for technical product design at Furtwangen University, he worked as a systems engineer in the field of "Usability and User Requirements Engineering" in the medical technology industry. He is involved in the medical technology working group of the German UPA and the Verein zur Förderung der Biotechnologie und Medizintechnik e. V. He is also a scientific expert in the DKE standards committee 811.4 (ergonomics in IEC/ISO 62366, usability, instructions for use).

Prof. Pfeffer is a certified expert for usability and user experience of the UXQB (International Usability and User Experience Qualification Board e. V.) and, together with Dr. Janny, is a lecturer of the seminar "Usability Engineering in Medical Technology" of the USE-Ing. Academy.

Prof. Pfeffer is a member of internationally relevant organizations of human-centered technology development and human factor engineering, such as the Institute for Ergonomics and Human Factors (IEHF) in Great Britain or the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES) in the US.

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He has concentrated knowledge in the field of usability engineering and is at home in the world of standards.

Albert Ebenbichler

Industrial Designer

As a freelancer of USE-Ing. GmbH, the industrial designer Albert Ebenbichler supports the company in the areas of product design and product development.

He particularly appreciates the company's high level of technical expertise while maintaining a strong hands-on mentality. The bundling of the local know-how under one roof is exceptional and at the same time a guarantee for a lean, highly efficient development process.

Albert Ebenbichler has already received several international design awards. After an apprenticeship as a car mechanic, he studied industrial design and mechanical engineering and taught at the Institute for Industrial Design, the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart. The development of innovative products is a very great passion of his. In addition to his own product innovations, he is also intensively involved in the preparation and further development of product ideas and has created his own mindsketching process for this purpose.

For almost 20 years he has been supporting the advance development of well-known companies and hidden champions. In this way he has already helped countless innovations to come to life.

If you have a vision or an idea that you would like to bring into a communicable form, then Albert Ebenbichler is the right address for you.